Why Do People Look Like Their Dogs?

Why do people look like their dogs? Most likely, you’ve heard that individuals resemble their dogs. If not, there are plenty of articles on the internet that identify people that like their dogs. It’s not hard to find photos of humans who also happen to resemble their dogs and offer them as a representative sample, of course. However, you may have noticed that some of your friends have a tendency to match their pets in some way. In fact, as time goes on, they may come to resemble them more and more. Is this actually a thing then? Do humans like their dogs in real life? If so, then why do people like their dogs?

Do People Look Like Their Dogs?

Yes, People do look like their dogs

Numerous studies have been conducted that demonstrate how much individuals look like their dogs. People can typically connect photographs of pets to their owners, according to a few studies. Various research support this, and many cite to a 2009 study examining dog-owner couples who were racially homogeneous (i.e., all the people in the photos were of the same race).

Source : Internet

According to studies, dogs not only behave like their owners but also look like them. This probably makes perfect sense to you if you own a dog.

Source : Internet
Source : Internet

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